Krafali is back with Fashion Tips

From her autobiography we know Krafali isn’t much into fashion right now, she keeps her beard well-groomed for the sake of decency and self-respect, but looking pretty and attractive isn’t on her current agenda.

The more reason for us to have a look at her travelling clothes. I’m sorry for not naming the items she is wearing, I will do so for my own outfit posts, but this time I’m more interested in describing Krafali’s style as such.

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Meet the Ladies – 2

Our second guest-entry is the lovely and fashionable Kazzetta of Elendilmir.

She has not shared her personal story (history and maybe lovestory?) with us yet, remaining as enigmatic as the next elven lady.

No wonder we can see her in Celondim talking to a dwarf who is saying: “My wife is back at Thorin’s Hall braiding her beard. I will visit her in a few days.”

Kazzetta is so breathtaking in her green dress (every redhead and redbeard should have an emerald-green dress!) and plumed hat, that I would be so jealous if I were a dock-guy’s wife! Thankfully dwarves are monogamous.

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Meet the Ladies – 1

Our first guest-submission is the story of Krafali from Russian server Fornost, a dwarven Huntress, member of the Kinship called “The Brotherhood of Steel”. Her original biography can be read on the Kinship’s recruiting forum, in Russian. She kindly allowed me to translate it and share it with you. It gives us another wonderful (and rather sad, truth to be told) reason for a dwarven lady to leave the mountains.

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Every girl wants to be on screen, and dwarf girls are not an exception.

Thanks to Beldandy of Nimrodel server  one particular dwarf girl had her 15 seconds of fame in a LOTRO production of the “Do You Wanna Date My Avatar” sung by The Guild.

Pay special attention to time bits 1:32-1:40, 2:38-2:41, 3:17-3:18, 3:33, 3:35. It’s not much, but it’s a beginning of this dwarf lady’s road to fame! She already has an admirer who wants to date her, judging by the comments to the video 🙂

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To Dress or Not to Dress? The Feminine Dwarf Clothing Controversy

If we want to show that our female dwarf is indeed female, should we outfit her or dress up in a certain way? We already know (via Tolkien’s lore) that dwarf women dressed as men when they were travelling abroad, but can a specific dwarf girl make up her mind differently?

There are two source of arguments here: coming form the personal story (quenta) of the character and coming from the gamer’s point of view.

The first one can boil down to “…and then I saw that beautiful dress on the stall and decided to try it on”, and the second is often mentioned by LOTRO outfit bloggers saying that the cut of LOTRO dresses ‘damages the body type’ for dwarves.

In this post we will address the first type of argument – personal story of the character. The Outfit Problem will be explored in later posts.

Caution: make sure you have a paper handkerchief with you, or we are not liable for any tears ruining your keyboard 🙂

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“But Beards Are Ugly!..”, Or On Dwarven Concepts of Beauty and Why to Play a Bearded Girl

Playing a female dwarf in LOTRO takes imagination, patience, and a certain resistance to prejudiced attitude. I’d like to explore one common issue which often comes up in discussions of playing and roleplaying dwarf women in LOTRO, i.e. beards.

Also, stay for the rest of the post for a feminist dwarf manifesto aka Why It Is Interesting To Play Female Dwarves 🙂

In many MMOs players are offered an opportunity to play female dwarves. But in Lineage, RIFT, WoW, etc. female dwarves are beardless. In LOTRO there is no specified gender for Dwarves (though it is assumed they are male), but quite enough people on forum discussions said they would like to have a chance to play a female dwarf – but some also added they would want female dwarves to be beardless as in other games.

However, Turbine respects Professor’s canon and lore, which says that “no Man nor Elf has ever seen a beardless Dwarf – unless he were shaven in mockery, and would then be more like to die of shame… For the Naugrim have beards from the beginning of their lives, male and female alike” (“Of the Naugrim and the Edain” from “The History of Middle-Earth“; volume 11: “The War of the Jewels“; part II: “The Later Quenta Silmarillion”).

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A feminine curve to the steel?..

There were battle-axes and war hammers,but all with that certain feminine touch: one war axe, apparently capable of cleaving a backbone lengthwise, was beautifully engraved with flowers.

Terry Pratchett, Unseen Academicals

The name comes from the title of a quest in Moria in the Lord of the Rings Online game, where the player finds “a female dwarf’s axe. The delicate carvings and the feminine curve to the steel are unmistakable”.

This quest was a real revelation for those who enjoy to explore the Dwarven side of the lore in game and Tolkien’s world, and it makes a good case for the argument that “in times of great need” female dwarves also took weapons into their arms to fight alongside their kin without having to disguise as male warriors in order to do so (as Éowyn of Rohan had to do in the Return of the King, despite being a recognized female warrior as a shieldmaiden).

Anybody who is inspired by playing female dwarves in LOTRO or exploring Tolkien’s lore considering them is welcome to contribute! Contact by commenting on this site or via e-mail schursch(at)gmail(dot)com

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