This website is dedicated to appreciation of stories, roleplay experience and any kind of creative fan-works concerning female dwarves in the setting of The Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO) and Tolkien’s world in general.

While there is no option in the game of LOTRO to choose a female dwarf character, a number of brave, bold and imaginative players choose to interprete and roleplay their characters as female dwarves.  Unfortunately, such decision and creativity is not always welcomed by other players, so few of female dwarves are openly known to the gaming community. This site hopes to bring together the experience of those who play female dwarves: their background stories, questing stories, cosmetic clothing they choose, etc.

Feel free to contact me (schursch(at)gmail(dot)com or in comments to this blog) if you would like to make a contribution to this site – it is most welcome!

Baruk Khazâd! And with a feminine curve to the steel, too!


7 Responses to About

  1. gina says:

    yes!! i am a female dwarf in lotro and have schooled many of the awesomeness of female dwarves. much love to you for starting a blog about this!

    • Curved Steel says:

      Thanks! It’s so great to get to know about more female dwarves in the game 🙂 (and, with me being in a over-prolonged afk on this blog, your comment is an inspiration to re-shift my time and resume posting again). On what server(s) do you play? Would you like to introduce some of characters in the guest posts?))

      • gina says:

        I play on Crickhollow under the name of Beearthur. She’s awesome! I only maintain one character as I don’t really have a lot of time to invest in the game, but it’s been a great time so far!

      • Curved Steel says:

        Gina, that’s awesome! I should drop by the Crickhollow to try and catch a glimpse of Beearthur 🙂
        I have trouble with maintaining several characters too: as in, I have several, love all of them madly, and weep that I mostly have the time to play only one – though he’s a great Khazad guardian =)

  2. Sallyjo says:

    I am so happy to find other female dwarves! Is this by chance a Kinship? My female dwarf would be interested in joining if so 😀

    • Curved Steel says:

      The joy is mutual! 🙂
      Alas, we are not a kinship, but we can do an in-game meeting, RP-ing or questing or telling stories, I think=) Me and my friend are on Laurelin (Gweri – she was the model in several posts, and has an amazing personal story which hopefully will be told here, and Bachli – she’s still in low levels, therefore standardly outfitted and a touch shy for that to appear on the web but I’ll try to remedy that). Other people who were kind to comment or share there stories are from Crickhollow, Landroval too, I think, and I’ll check the rest) Which server do you play? And would you like to introduce your dwarfesse here?) I’ll be very happy to learn more about her – story, screencaps, anything!

  3. Sallyjo says:

    It is certainly something that I would be happy to contribute to. I’m not quite ready for a picture as I’m currently working on my crafting levels so that I can outfit my dwarfesse the way I want (without spending an outrageous amount of silver/gold). However, I can write something up for you if you’d like. 😀 I play on the Brandywine server.

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