Nisi the Beautiful

In one of the earliest post in this blog I had the priviledge to introduce one fine Dwarf Lady who has been fighting battles at Fornost server of LOTRO since 2010.

Her name is Nisi, she is the gem of her parents’ eyes, and is a striking beauty who had to venture outside into the world filled with other ideas about the way a girl should look. One lucky hobbit by the name of Dreamo was fortunate to meet, and befriend, and discover her identity, and fall in love with her.

This day I feel lucky to share with you my friend’s drawing of Nisi and Dreamo, and I can never feel awed enough with how my friend created Nisi’s story.


P.S. And in case you do not know – Nisi is the star of CurvedSteel banner 🙂


About Curved Steel

A blog appreciating and exploring the roleplay of female dwarfs in the Lord of the Rings Online
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