Meet the Ladies – 5

Now it seems that CurvedSteel springs into activity only when there’s partying and festivities around in the game of LOTRO – but I’ll strive to amend that.

It’s not exactly this blog’s typical “meet the ladies” post – it is a “meet THE lady”, as in – the one and only, official, in-lore, Professor-approved and acknowledged dwarven lady from royal line of Durin’s folk.

Of course, by now you can spell it out yourself: Dis, daughter of Thrain, sister of Thorin, mother of Fili and Kili.

The brave and talented owner of The Starry Mantle blog re-imagined Dis in the world of LOTRO, with what its character-creation and outfitting systems provide.  I think it a great success, both the look, the face features, the choice of beard, and the elaboration about the story of Dis within the Hobbit.

See it for yourself and, by all means, read the original post.


About Curved Steel

A blog appreciating and exploring the roleplay of female dwarfs in the Lord of the Rings Online
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4 Responses to Meet the Ladies – 5

  1. Baranwen says:

    Yay! You’re back!
    She really did a great job with Lady Dis, I love her beard.

  2. Devonna says:

    Welcome back 🙂 I really love your site. Your Blog really respects the idea of female Dwarfs and represents them so beautifully instead of making them look like Drag Queens.

  3. Tammy says:

    Thank you for the site. I understand why there are female dwarves in game but I just cannot play male characters. Your site has reinspired me to make a dwarf and go through with her back story.

    • Curved Steel says:

      Thank you! That is probably the best compliment there can be, and I’m glad if it reinspired you.
      *curiousity mode on* Have you made a new character already? I would love to learn more about her – through here or via email if you do not want to post it in public yet – or if you do I’ll be glad to feature her story and looks on the site!

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