Meet the Ladies – 3

Our next guest-entry will make many roleplayers choke on their pints of Bombur’s Beard.

It’s as far from Krafali’s traditional female dwarf’s biography and look as it could be, but that’s what make it so interesting to me.

I’m not among those who think that there’s only one right way of roleplaying, I’m for all the diversity one can get. I love lore-abiding dwarfesses in male clothing roleplaying in Thorin’s Hall, and I love flamboyant girly dwarves with funny names roaming around Lothlorien. Because to me if it’s a thought-through character dear to the gamer’s heart – it is a roleplay. It doesn’t have to be the role JRR would approve of, but it’s a role nevertheless.

Let’s meet Kazetta’s friend, the one and only Femaili Fatale!

The gamer told me she’s new to character’s developement, but gave a try to storymaking with her dwarfesse, and I absolutely ADORE the girl she came up with:

Her name is Femaili Fatale and she hails from the Lonely Mountain (and Elendilmir server).  Femaili is a very girly dwarf who loves being the centre of attention, and she gets it too – from male and females of all races who stop to admire her beauty and often remark in awe.  She doesn’t hide who she is, nor what she likes, dressing herself in the most flamboyant pink frilly dresses and chugging down a flagon of her favourite Bombur’s Beard Lager at the same time.  In her spare time she makes some of the the finest mithril jewellery in the land, and she cooks a mean Shepherds Pie. She is very much an independent dwarfesse, with plenty of suitors, and no desire to be tied down to a domestic life.

Femaili prefers girly looks – but do not let this fool you: in a fight she can be as fatal to the enemies as her beauty is for the onlooker’s hearts. I couldn’t help comparing her with her Disney counterpart – Rapunzel, who also looked gentle but her will was as hard as the iron pan she used to defend herself, and you can bet that Femaili is  as independed and free-spirited in her girly pink dress as a male tank in heavy armour.

She shared her fashion tips with us as well. I call it “A Study in Pink”.

Femaili is adept at making all sorts of clothes suit her taste – note how gracefully she turned the robe by using dyes into a festive-looking dress.

She also has a wonderful eye for colors which suit her – note her fair complexion and the color of her hair and beard – and she brings them out by using different shades of pink, violet, and light blue which one get with the dyes in Lotro.

I expect that all those enjoying variety will find this guest very interesting – and perhaps join us in waiting for more of her fashion contributions.


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