Krafali is back with Fashion Tips

From her autobiography we know Krafali isn’t much into fashion right now, she keeps her beard well-groomed for the sake of decency and self-respect, but looking pretty and attractive isn’t on her current agenda.

The more reason for us to have a look at her travelling clothes. I’m sorry for not naming the items she is wearing, I will do so for my own outfit posts, but this time I’m more interested in describing Krafali’s style as such.

She is not among the dress-wearing dwarfs. The Huntress is into comfortable and durable clothes – manly clothes, if you wish.

Keeping in mind the ‘manliness’, I love how her summer vest’s design looks a little like a décolleté gown, how she chose a plumed hat that can be worn by both a flamboyant male dwarf and a dwarven lady, how the lower part of the vest can be interpreted as a skirt.

This way Tolkien’s lore about male clothing isn’t abused, but we have those little hints one can understand… or ignore, if he wants to. The same goes for her winter outfit.

It’s warm and cosy above all else, but the lower part of the hauberk can, perhaps, remind us of those sailormoonish skirts… 

Just musing, really.

I saw a lot of male dwarves in this hauberk and never had such ideas, but look how little feminine details can be seen where thay’ve never been noticed before, if you want to show youself you are playing a girl, even if noone else will know.

But again, Krafali’s style is comfort first, looks second. In everything, apart from her amazing green armour!

Her warrior outfit is complex, full of details, with this unpractical, but eyecatching diamond on the chest. The armour looks matters if you are a dwarf, because – as someone said in Pony on my homeworld Laurelin – every dwarf is a born warrior, even if he’s a minstrel, a craftsman or a rich merchant. If you are going to die in this outfit, it must be an outfit to die for.

But guess what? It’s the same for male dwarves. Krafali’s less practilal, most show-off outfit is the most “manly” at the same time. Because if in time of the great need dwarven women took their battle-axes to fight alongside their husbands, brothers and fathers, they must’ve been equal to them on the battleground. As brave, as strong (if they look alike, they must be equally strong, i suppose) and as cocky! Because male dwarves are cocky with their long braided beards and ornate belts, aren’t they?)

Well, looking back to what I wrote, I must admit i exaggerated a bit, “drew a long bow” describing this Huntress. All my musings aside, this is what a good dwarven wife wears when she goes to retieve her long-lost husband. Comfortable manly clothes… which doesn’t make her any less female, for Mahal’s sake!


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