Meet the Ladies – 2

Our second guest-entry is the lovely and fashionable Kazzetta of Elendilmir.

She has not shared her personal story (history and maybe lovestory?) with us yet, remaining as enigmatic as the next elven lady.

No wonder we can see her in Celondim talking to a dwarf who is saying: “My wife is back at Thorin’s Hall braiding her beard. I will visit her in a few days.”

Kazzetta is so breathtaking in her green dress (every redhead and redbeard should have an emerald-green dress!) and plumed hat, that I would be so jealous if I were a dock-guy’s wife! Thankfully dwarves are monogamous.


About Curved Steel

A blog appreciating and exploring the roleplay of female dwarfs in the Lord of the Rings Online
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One Response to Meet the Ladies – 2

  1. Admirer says:

    So beautiful!

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