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Outfitting Problem. Part 1: Robes vs. Dresses

I wanted to make an experiment:  for a dwarfesse Gweri (we’ll tell her lifestory later, for now she is just our model) we made two outfits in similar style: one using a robe and one using a dress. They are … Continue reading

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Meet the Ladies – 3

Our next guest-entry will make many roleplayers choke on their pints of Bombur’s Beard. It’s as far from Krafali’s traditional female dwarf’s biography and look as it could be, but that’s what make it so interesting to me. I’m not … Continue reading

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Krafali is back with Fashion Tips

From her autobiography we know Krafali isn’t much into fashion right now, she keeps her beard well-groomed for the sake of decency and self-respect, but looking pretty and attractive isn’t on her current agenda. The more reason for us to have a look … Continue reading

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Meet the Ladies – 2

Our second guest-entry is the lovely and fashionable Kazzetta of Elendilmir. She has not shared her personal story (history and maybe lovestory?) with us yet, remaining as enigmatic as the next elven lady. No wonder we can see her in … Continue reading

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Meet the Ladies – 1

Our first guest-submission is the story of Krafali from Russian server Fornost, a dwarven Huntress, member of the Kinship called “The Brotherhood of Steel”. Her original biography can be read on the Kinship’s recruiting forum, in Russian. She kindly allowed … Continue reading

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Every girl wants to be on screen, and dwarf girls are not an exception. Thanks to Beldandy of Nimrodel server  one particular dwarf girl had her 15 seconds of fame in a LOTRO production of the “Do You Wanna Date … Continue reading

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To Dress or Not to Dress? The Feminine Dwarf Clothing Controversy

If we want to show that our female dwarf is indeed female, should we outfit her or dress up in a certain way? We already know (via Tolkien’s lore) that dwarf women dressed as men when they were travelling abroad, … Continue reading

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